Dear Friends:

Paradigms was conceived as a labor of love; love for Life, love for Earth, love for Humanity, love for You.

It takes 15 to 20 hours to produce an episode of Paradigms; contacting potential guests, scheduling, doing interviews, editing interviews, finding/choosing music, and putting the whole thing together.

The only advertising on Paradigms has been the Nanny Hills Roots banner ad on the old site, and that is my friend Prophet’s business (great Roots Tonic!). Other than that there has been no advertising. Paradigms has produced no revenue.  The donate button was used twice by friends over the 6 years it was on the old site.

Up until this site redesign, I was doing everything. I decided it was time to take Paradigms to a wider audience, and for it to generate revenue.  Welcome Ned Buratovich, Web Designer!  We have launched this great new website, and we are in the process of approaching companies whose work we admire to see if they’d like to advertise on Paradigms. We hope to bring you information about products and services that are ethical, Earth friendly, and accessible. If you have a suggestion, please let us know.

Part of the intention of this new site is to build community; for people to be inspired by the episodes, and to use the comment function to communicate, share ideas, inspire each other more!

I hope you are enjoying Paradigms, and if you are moved to make a donation, it will be appreciated.

Thank you,


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