Loreena McKennitt – Revisiting “The Visit” after 30 years — 6 Comments

  1. It was so exciting to find you on Paradigm’s Podcast promoting your “The Visit” release after 30 years….I have bought and listened to your music for over 20 yrs. now. Thank you for your inspiring and lovely music that has enriched my life…for sure. I have always imagined how wonderful it would be to harmonize with you being a singer and lover of music.

  2. Ciao Loreena
    I hope see you the next year in Europe and in… Italy.. I hope.
    Best Wishes for your tour the next fall…
    Ciao Betty

  3. Bonjour,
    Je m’appelle Karima et je suis française vivant à Paris.
    Je souhaiterais savoir 2 choses:
    Loreena se produira t-elle bientôt en France ?
    Est-il possible de pouvoir vous lire en français s’il vous plaît ?
    Merci à vous et belle continuation !

  4. Hello Loreena! when The Visit was released 30 yrs ago, I was already listening to your beautiful music when I was living in my country, Venezuela. then I moved to europe 8 years ago and I got the chance to see you in concert in Paris in 2017, where I got the chance to give you a pair of silver earings with shells from the way of saint James(Camino de Santiago). that day I ask you if you could wear it on that concert (You did it? ). Then in 2019 I went for another wonderful concert in Madrid. and I got the chance to meet Caroline Lavelle that night. Wow! So Blessed I am ! Warm hugs from the way of Saint James Loreena ! Buen Camino!

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