CeCe Gable – New Album “More Than A Song” — 4 Comments

  1. Wow – What a voice!
    CeCe is-well-inspirational & incredible!
    Her interpretation of the songs, which she chooses carefully, are presented to the listener with such a personal touch, they take on, what I feel, is a whole new meaning.
    CeCe is a great Jazz artist, a great person and with full disclosure – a great wife!

  2. I love listening to CeCe’s music. She has a very deep “old” soul which she taps into for her choice and interpretation of her music. CeCe is authentic, generous, classy, kind and talented. Getting to know CeCe is an adventure. She has my deepest admiration. She has a bigger fan club than she knows.

  3. Excellent interview and can’t wait to listen to CeCe’s album “More Than a Song!” Love her voice her musicians are spot on!

  4. hi CeCe!
    I met you at the Little River Inn last week,enjoyed chatting with you, what fun it would be to see you in Italy ☺️
    Continue to enjoy your colorful Life!
    Kind Regards,

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