David Mallett Musician & Alison Stine of Rewire.News on Appalachia — 1 Comment

  1. This fantastic interview is a Musicians’ Masterclass. What an authentic guy. I really identified with him, especially with these phrases:

    ‘I wait until something needs to be said and then I find a way to say it’

    ‘I especially like my newer songs cos they are songs that I wrote with this voice now’

    ‘I think the songs come to you…the work comes to you and through you…..and says..’You’re lucky, cos I’m coming through you!’

    Love that!

    Love the coffee abstinence too! It is Interesting that we eventually realise that stimulants actually do the opposite of what we want them to do!

    ‘I’ve come to town to fire the man that fired Johnny Cash’

    What a line! He should SO finish that song!

    His wistful and yearning comments which ended end of the show reflected the sentiments of many listeners ….. no wonder you bonded so well.

    Love and massive thanks, Baruch! xx*

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