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  1. I am a African American veteran who is very much interested in finding more about my past history. I’d would like to contact Mrs. Antoinette Harrell to begin this process.

    thank you,

    • Hello Ms. Harrell
      I am deeply in need of a history detective to dig up information on my ancestry I’ve come to a dead end, as you know no birth certificates before a certain date.My mothers’ real name is not on my birth certificate .She is now 87years of age and did manage to get her birth certificate with her real name and birth mothers name; the man who sign for it was not her real father, but she knows his name and who he was.

      I also learned that my grandmother’s grandfather raised her.Mr.Fiat or Fayette Jordan. I know his name but it can be spell many different ways I know where her mother was from Adams county now called Natchez Mississippi I think great, great grand father from Franklin county. Do you have any suggests on how to dig up this information, any help would be helpful thank you in advance.

  2. Outstanding as usual. I am an African-American descendant of William Christopher Harrell, and the family genealogist and retire college professor (43 years); therefore, my family and I genuinely appreciate your work to uncover American history.

  3. Just watched your Vice episode and you have inspired me. I am from Charleston, South Carolina and there are people in the Low Country that need you.

    Thanks for being the voice for the voiceless.

  4. Good morning and thank you for the great work. This is something I have been trying to do myself. What should be my steps to take.

  5. Hello Ms.Herrell my name is Tasha Williams i think you are a phenomenal person doing a phenomenal job. I wish i had the financial resources to hirer you to look into my family’s history. My great grandparents were slave and my family do not know much of anything or one in the past, but my grand mother. Its as if our family had not existed before my grand mother. However i am so proud of the work you are doing to unlease the sercts of the time of which our people cares not to undisclose to the rest of the world.

  6. How can Antoinette be reached. I desperately need her assistance if it’s possible. She’s amazing and inspiring for us all.

  7. Awesome work Ms. Harrell. I am grateful to God that I came across your name and research on social media. My sister and I have slowly done research with my paternal grandmother’s side only to see your name Harrell brought me to my knees because I am a Harrell too. My grandparents names were Theodore R. Harrell and Grace Hampton Harrell from Midnight Mississippi.Thank you for encouraging me to find my roots. P.S. It is amazing that you look like my aunt’s and other family members too.

  8. Hello my name is Lushedric mays and I was adopted my original last name is Beverly I don’t know anything about who my family is or where we’re from please help

  9. My name is Carlos and I am trying to get in touch with you because I started a similar project and I would like you to see it and see if I can help you. My father is 79 and he was a sharecropper and I recently recorded a piece of his history. Please contact me back . Because what you are doing ties into what I would like to do., Please. Plus I have some artwork I’d like to share with you

  10. Hello how you doing my name is Stephen ******* a Louisiana native those cases and I really like to know the truth about my historical origin if you can help me out I will greatly appreciate it.

  11. Hello Ms. Harrel ,My name is Kellye ******* maiden name (*******) from Baltimore Maryland I would very much for you to help me find my family tree and find out how far back my family goes into slavery. I know the name Thompson owned a lot of slaves mainly on the east coast.I would be deeply honored if you could help me. Also in time I plan on receiving my Ph.D in African American Studies to spread our history to the younger generation who is willing to listen.
    Sincerely yours Kellye

  12. Hello Ms. Harrel, I want nothing from you, but to simply say that your work is inspired a whole bunch of people peace and blessings be upon you and have a wonder filled life

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