Väsen – Swedish Folk Band, and Rod Kinney – Singer/Songwriter/Musician — 3 Comments

  1. I just listened to Vasen and felt I was visiting an old friend. Really spoke to my heart, especially the slower tracks which were utterly beautiful: courtly and elegant music. Top notch musicians. They should check out Colette O’Leary and The Long Notes and maybe try to play at Celtic connections in Glasgow next year. Rod Kinney’s interview was fab too- he has valuable things to say and his music is very well-arranged. Thank you Baruch! xx*

  2. Hi, great Väsen interview, thanks a lot. Just a small correction at time 14:50 in the podcast download: the translation of the swedish title “Tröstemarsch” is more like “Consolation March”. I guess “tröst” and “trust” sounds similar, that is why it was wrongly translated to “Thunderstorm”, but if you listen to the music and expect to hear thunderstorm related music then it will be confusing.
    If you like Väsen and other swedish folk dance music, then I can recommend this annual festival, it is one of the largest folk dance festivals in Sweden. There will be dancing all night long until the sun is rising:

    The swedish only site:

    Greetings from Sweden.

  3. Sorry, I have to correct myself too: I meant to sayt that “tröst” and “thrust” sounds similar.

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