Siama Matuzungidi: Musician, Guitarist, from Democratic Republic of Congo, New CD — 2 Comments

  1. We listened to Siama in our youth in Kenya. I wish he could mention the titles of the songs he made in Kenya, especially the one he sung about his girlfriend. He has also not mentioned any of his contemporaries…and the bands he played in.

  2. Hi Robert,
    Just noticed your comment. Siama said to greet you and say he’s so happy you remember his music.

    You must be referring to Sisili, the song he wrote about his girlfriend which Moni Mambo sang and made famous. He also wrote Bomoto for Cavacha and Shika Shika, “Kueya” recorded by Samba, Rebeca was recorded by Shika Shika and Kathi recorded by Ibeba System.

    Siama played with so many bands! Cavacha, Kombe Kombe, Ibeba System, Viva Makale, Virunga, Shika Shika and lots of popular singers like Moreno, Lovi Longomba, Sam Mangwana, Tshala Muana (on tour), Samba Mapangala, Kanda Bongo Man, Moni Mambo and others.

    You can hear Siama’s new music and check out a lot of info on Siama said he hopes that after checking out his website you’ll use the Contact link on the upper right of his site to send him a message.

    Thanks for inquiring,
    Dallas (Mualimu Siama’s wife, singer, grateful student and business manager)

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