Patty & Vince Wixon: Poets from Oregon, Keepers of the William Stafford Legacy, Poetry — 2 Comments

  1. Patty & Vince Wixon are a fantastic couple to have on your show. I listen and learn. They are so well-read, so well educated with such a vast knowledge of current and historic poetry, I’d be embarrassed if they read anything I’ve written. I took a strange path to writing. It was never planned or desired, and very unexpected. I honestly have no idea what I’m doing, without having read the greats to have a foundation to build upon. I don’t know anything about rules or structure, nor do I have a vast library of fancy words in my mind to weave within the poetry. My crumbling spine prevents me from reading so many things I want to, yet I can not ignore the overwhelming inspiration to write when I see images of people who suffer; the homeless, the bullied child, abused wife, children of war-torn nations, soldiers with PTSD, racism and more. It’s a very simple style, but I write with emotion and some people relate to it well. With Paradigms Podcasts, I Listen, and Learn.

  2. I am listening to this whilst doing a lot of mechanical mail-out correspondence and so it was an absolute joy to hear such an interesting selection of poetry.. Vince made me laugh out loud. I particularly loved his poem about not waiting for things to come to you. The music, especially Joni, was perfect. It was truly a heartwarming programme – a rare genuine- gem of an interview which I will listen to again and again..xx* Thanks Baruch xx*

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